Struktura odpadów komunalnych w jednostkach organizacyjnych Uniwersytetu Pedagogicznego w Krakowie

Joanna Ćwiąkała, Paweł Kramarz


Wastes as a result of civilizational impact on the environment pose a major threat, not only to our lives, but also those of other living creatures. Therefore, current state’s policy sets some strict rules for administering wastes by minimizing their production, reusing them in various technological processes and neutralizing their harmful effects. Waste segregation is essential in the process of their reusage for the production of new materials. The study presents monthly reports concerning wastes disposed of at, and removed from selected administrative units of the University. The data provided in the study has been based on the bills paid for disposal of segregated wastes, such as glass, cardboards, metal and plastic, as well as bills for non-segregated wastes. Waste structure for the whole university does not differ significantly from those of typical Polish households and offices. Differences in the waste structure can only be spotted after a thorough analysis of particular administrative units of the University.

Słowa kluczowe

segregacja odpadów; struktura odpadów

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