The regional formation of recreation and environmental protection systems of Ukraine

Ljubomyr Tsaryk, Andriy Kuzyshyn, Petro Tsaryk, Nadiia Stetsko, Yaroslaw Marunyak, Inna Poplavska, Mariana Hinzula


The article discusses the process of regional natural and recreational systems formation, methodological basis for the creation of them, which is the concept of ecological networks (environmental systems) and regional recreational systems (RRS). Analyzed in the article is the formation of five regional conservation and recreation systems: western, northeastern, central, eastern and southern, with developed environmental and recreational infrastructure. It is considered in the context of a network of national parks (NNP) and the Regional Landscape Parks (RLP) development as multifunctional environmental and recreational areas, the creation of which is directed to meet the growing needs of the population in a natural habitat. The representativeness of Ukrainian landscape areas network of NPP and RLP is reviewed. Their highest density was observed in the Ukrainian Carpathians and zone of broadleaf forests, where one park occurs per 3.4 and 4.9 thousand square kilometers respectively. The density of the NNP is the lowest in forest-steppe, coniferous-broadleaf forest and steppe zones, with one park per 19.10; 18.29; 18.31 thousand square kilometers respectively. The combined development of local recreation and environmental systems causes the creation of eco-stable framework that will ensure the conservation, anthropological and recreational functions of geosystems in Ukraine.

Słowa kluczowe

national parks; nature management; regional environmental protection systems; regional environmental protective and recreational systems; regional landscape parks; regional recreational systems


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