Krakow Valley Golf & Country Club jako innowacyjna atrakcja turystyczna Małopolski

Kamila Ziółkowska-Weiss


Tourism is a popular form of human activity, a way to spend free time and a branch of national industry which is strongly connected with geographical environment, and is also dependent on it. The essence of tourism is to have an intimate and personal contact with nature, culture or another human being. The meaning of this personal contact cannot be underestimated. It maintains its meaning also in the age of television and the Internet, the age of creating virtual reality. This is why, against the expectations of pessimists, tourism will not stop growing, even in the third millennium. Thanks to the fast development of technology, it can grow even faster and, according to some expectations, it can soon become the most profitable branch of industry. In order for this to be true, innovations need to be introduced. The most important feature of innovation is standing out on the market. The aim of this article is to show one of the modern tourist attractions of Malopolska: Krakow Valley Golf & Country Club. I will present a short historical note on the beginnings of golf, the process of building a master golf course and I will also characterize the KVG & CC complex. I will dwell upon the organizational structure of the company and carry out a SWOT analysis. Finally, I will present the size and structure of the guests of selected segments of KVG & CC.

Słowa kluczowe

innowacja; golf; turystyka; Paczółtowice; Małopolska


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