The problem of human development and liberal education

Viaczeslav Sukhorukov, Bożena Wójtowicz


The modern world is characterized by rapid changes in all spheres of social life. These changes are amplified by extremely rapid dissemination of information, knowledge, values, tastes, and ideas from one society to another. Some values are invisible to the eye, other can be noticed quickly and easily. The result is a new cultural phenomena, which are called “civilization“ and “ the modern way of life.” To change the values and ideological climate in today’s world it is necessary to strengthen the role of humanitarian and moral culture. To do this, it is very important to teach people kindness and tolerance, as well as the ability to conduct intercultural dialogue while understanding common threats facing humanity today. One of the main means of solving these complex problems is the education system.

Słowa kluczowe

human development; human factors; modern civilization; spiritual and moral values


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