System komputerowy Mizar narzędziem do komputerowego wspomagania nauczania w szkole wyższej

Ewa Borak


The MIZAR system is a computer system for representing mathematical proofs in such a way that the computer checks their correctness. The texts written in the MIZAR language are called Mizar articles and are organized into the Mizar Mathematical Library (MML). Since the very beginnig of the development of the MIZAR system, experiments using MIZAR as a tool for teaching mathematics have been conducted. Numerous courses were organized which were based on different versions of the system: starting from the first implementation of its processor, through MIZAR-MSE, MIZAR-4 and PC-MIZAR, up till its current version. The first MIZAR-aided classes were introduced in 1975. In this paper we present the MIZAR system and the Mizar language and discusse courses conducted in the Institute of Informatics at the Univesity of Białystok. These courses employ MIZAR as the main tool of instruction.


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